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December 6, 2012 by makingmoneyonthego

Written By
Michael Burke
Making Money On The Go

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It was day one, after I made the choice to start a Online Business and that business was a blog. The traditional response from friends and family was, “That isn’t a business, that’s a hard market”, or “That is going to be a tough market”. Pretty much everything was a negative response on what I wanted to do. This didn’t change my mind or sway me in any one direction about doing it or not doingit.

It did however make me think of a few questions to ask myself;

  1. How can I make a blog a professional business online?
  2. What marketing skills can I implement to this blog?
  3. What are some working social marketing functions that are available (ie; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)?
  4. With my marketing plan, how is it going to directly affect my blogs reader and viewer growth?
  5. What can I make this blog about and how is it going to be different?

Once I answered all of these questions, along with my own personal business check list, I found that a blog is very hard work, it also has a very lucrative low cost, and can be an online business that can have an extremely versatile platform that will pretty much launch anything you have.
Through blogs, you can voice any opinions, break news, talk about any subject, sell any product you own or market and all with little to no out of pocket cost to yourself.

This of course led to the idea behind my first researched blog. I typically do a lot of research and development of marketing plans anyhow for clients needing marketing plans for their business, I have never however, originated the research that I myself am reporting on.

The obvious choice was to research blogs themselves, finding things out like how many of them exist, what their success rate is, what kind of traffic do they get, and how many of them are productive businesses? I even wondered if I should be doing a Blog on the research I found and share free social marketing on Facebook tips or perhaps on Facebook itself and make it a series lasting an entire week. All of this research also led to me designing the marketing platform for the blog completely on F.S.M.E (Free Social Marketing Engines) like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Craigslist, Empire Avenue, and all the other completely free social platforms that allow businesses to thrive, (aka, advertise for free).

What I concluded in my research was that there are in fact benefits of running a completely expense free business with no cost spent on overhead, marketing, advertising, branding, hosting, and website fees. Now are there downsides? Yes! For one, the lack of spending funds in these little places takes away from your free time.

On the other hand though, it forces you to not spend money on all the countless automated systems, responders and “buy here for HELP” knick knack programs. Although some of them are staples to saving you time and making your business run smoother. The whole idea of my blog business is to make a company on a non-existent budget. The second most obvious down side is not having your own domain and or having total branding control, like with a traditional funded blog.

Now that I’ve shared a little of my journey, let’s get to the actual production of “FIVE DAYS OF FREE MARKETING ON FACEBOOK”. I think this will really surprise some people! Hopefully, this targets those small business owners who market on Facebook through groups, fan pages, and status updates and for those who use Facebook as their main marketing connection and source for lead generation and customer connection.

Day One: I build the blog using, what I believe to be the best blogging platform, WordPress. WordPress is a more upbeat anti-user friendly platform for blog’s as opposed to Blogger, which is through Google. There is also a secondary blog platform out there that has free websites as a blog without the blog feature. I actually ran a test on these other free blogging platforms, neither could offer features for blogging like WordPress. It’s just a superior web Platform, for my purpose. Now the flip side to this coin is Blogger sites rate higher on Google(Because Blogger is a Google brand), naturally, they are easier to set up and run for web site illiterate users and have placement for adds (which I have yet to figure out how to do on WordPress).

Here are some pictures of the other blog’s from the free websites I set up.

Webs Blog

Webs Blog

Webs Blog

Wix Blogwix blog screen shot

I proceeded to set up the WordPress blog with the intention of marketing it full time, for site views directly from Facebook. For the first three days I initially started the blog with no published posts and no loaded information just so I could reassure myself that the traffic was only coming in through Facebook.

Take a look at what my marketing schedule looked like:

  • 4am-7am: Research topics, other Blogs and write my advertising for the Blog, for the day.
  • 7am-9am: Locate 10 new marketing avenues. Promote one post to each of the 100 groups I already belonged to and post one add on my main page.
  • 9am-5pm: Work my normal main business. (nothing to do with the blog)
  • 5pm-10pm: Work the post that I had made earlier by going back over them liking & sharing them, and self-posting ads on strategic friends pages with 5000 friends. Market and advertising post to high profile pages with 10,000 plus to 1000 plus likes (Followers).

Here are the results of the first day of marketing (this is full force, posting ads on all the above):

  • It took me about 35-45 minutes to post to just the groups on FaceBook I belonged to, if not a little longer.
  • It took me about an hour to find ten new good groups that met with my marketing targets. Which were;
    • Groups with active post with ten to five post a day if not more.
    • Groups with 1500 plus members.
    • Groups that are labeled for my current market (New business, Small Business, MLM, Lead generation, Blogging, Marketing, Business Development, also city groups for employment and ideas and Networking groups. I also belong to a lot of ad me groups.)
  • With groups of 100-500 members I noticed my post were seen/responded to more than groups with 500-1000+. I also noticed that I was able to get more friend requests from the larger groups. So it was a give and take.

At the end of the day, out of the 100 groups, I only got 1-35 views of my post, and from that the results showed that I only got 25 actual people who clicked on to the link to see my Blog.
I asked around about what people online thought, some said, “Oh another Blog!”, Some were just put off by seeing business related info posted so often throughout the day. Mind you, I don’t post anything but business related post on my personal/business profile. But by advertising through the groups, it ads a lot of filler to peoples FaceBook News Feed.

I researched my times, hours and traffic rushes for Facebook

A very interesting 3 year study was done by a respectable company that monitors social activity online. They studied the “peak traffic hours of Facebook”. They concluded with some very interesting study results; the peak hours were between 11am, 3pm and 8pm, peaking at 3pm during Monday through Friday (The Source for these results are below). With these results I was able to search different ideology of posting on FaceBook.

Day Two: I tried posted to all the groups again around different times, with a little less time, as I had a main business issue take my 4am-9am work schedule up (SideNote: This is the main drawback to working a side or second business in home and for yourself. Things typically can distract you and take you away from it). Day two lead to low numbers, which were all spill over from the prior day’s hard work. It was an astounding 2 views.

Day Three: This was where I started to realize that a blank blog does not show on a mobile device on WordPress. Because the blog was blank, I learned that everyone who viewed it on a mobile device couldn’t subscribe and or even see the page, which I thought drastically hurt my marketing efforts for first time viewer views.

It actually showed a discouraging message, saying “Error, no blog found”. When I figured this out, I immediately added a ‘Coming Soon’ article that explained the ‘Five Days Of Marketing On Facebook for Free” and my blog plans. That blog resulted in one view from WordPress, but I left it with no tags or categories to keep the FaceBook results true. Now mobile devices could see it, but still having these mobiles actually subcribe via E mail was not happening upfront, because it is a paid feature. However, they can like it, and comment on your post and leave their e-mail to be updated, which is actually a loophole, as it automatically subscribes them. This method however, is longer than the click here and follow button, as on my laptop or pc, so I changed my marketing message to include view and subscribe via PC AND LAPTOP. This little tag brings me true subscribers and readers that actually read the entire post.

Day Three, Four and Five: At this point my numbers from marketing to 50k+ people looked like this; 13 views on day 3, 19 views on day 4, and 7 views on day 5.

This post was designed to show my results over five days of nothing but post advertising on Facebook groups, walls and pages. It gave me a daily total of 25,2,13,19 and 7. Because I had a setback on day two, I added Saturday on to the schedule as day 5 make up, because I didn’t market it the same on day 2 as the rest of the days.

This started to go into one week of free marketing versus five days, it also was the day when I designed a very brief and short post versus the more detailed post (I will load all my post at the bottom). I also started to build the Facebook fan page, which loads very easily with WordPress.

The 6th day turned out to be the best day of marketing and advertising my blog business on Facebook, it had 46 unique views. Nothing had changed as of yet, but I had added four and a quarter days of new groups, and marketed the same. But its view rate was amazing.

On Sunday, day seven, I did nothing, no views, no advertising on Facebook. I purposely did not touch it, nor post about a single thing. I just wanted to see the spill over. So on day 7, with no marketing the blog, it had 25 views, which is the exact same number as day one, but these are spill over from the previous 6 days of marketing.

I totaled out at 137 views for my first week in business, just marketing on Facebook. Now if this was thought of as any other online business, that is a pretty good view rate for marketing with posts at no cost, and remember for three days out the seven or first full week, we were unable to be viewed by the heavy mobile market, I also believe the ability to view via mobile was the boost on Saturday, that and the traffic boost, with more users being online.

Truthfully, people do not want to traditionally leave Facebook to view anything. Monday the following week I launched the Facebook fan page.

FB Fan Page Top

FB Fan Page Top

FB Fan page bottom

FB Fan page bottom

I noticed how much faster my visibility growth was when I created the Facebook fan page, which for all other reason can be thought of as a secondary blog.

FB Fan book stats

FB Fan book stats

People are simply a lot more comfortable just liking a FaceBook page versus going to a blog and entering their e mail to subscribe or following the Blogs subscribe steps.

==== End of Research Pictures of research below====

First Week in Review Word Press Stats

Now this is strictly based on a blog with no content. I can say I believe if someone reads a blog they like and are asked to subscribe, they normally will. But these results are strictly based off just marketing on Facebook with a kind message and good marketing idea and no readable content.

A few things to think of:

  • The message I used has a lot to do with traffic and “clickability”.
  • The time I put into the blog marketing was 4am-9am and then lightly at 5pm-11pm
  • The pitch and close had a lot to do with how people clicked on the post, “please” versus “get this”, “click here” versus “read this”. Those little things are variables if changed can change the success results.
  • The take away effect! The last message on day 6, which is Saturday, to make up for day 2, was THIS IS THE LAST DAY CLICK HERE, basically. It was the highest day of traffic. It was also the highest post liked and responded to. I have always closed sales better with take away than any other close. Pitching someone on the idea, make it a good idea and the “I dont know’ers” become the, “I can’t miss outter’s”.

My personal opinion of Facebook Marketing

It is the strongest social engine on the planet, I don’t believe social marketing versus direct marketing are any different. Wherever people are and you can reach them in a direct and fast fashion that will lead you to success. Take for instance television commercials versus door to door sales. Commercials hit millions of views, but door to door sales is 90 percent more effective. It is all due to the product or service being put directly in front of a consumer. This is exactly what Facebook or social marketing does. It places your “Whatever” in front of a potential client or customer.

For no money, with one week of short posting on my spare time I have already presented my service to 130 plus new clients, which if I do every week, the law of 3-10% close rate comes into play, meaning if I was to sell a service or product potentially 3-10 people out of every hundred will be closed on it, which for me would be full time pay for anything I would present.

My opinion is this is a very workable, easy to do, easy marketing strategy. It is hard work, to write on schedule and to stick to a working schedule if you are not used to it, but I think it will be worth it. Come along with me for the ride and follow this blogs success.

Thank you for reading



Making Money On The Go (MMOTG)

Source for peek hours

of 11am 3pm 8pm Weekdays

Day one Post

So here is my idea.
I call it FB Social Friendship Marketing:
I am going to promote subscribing to my blog @ HTTP://WWW.MAKINGMONEYONTHEGO.WORDPRESS.COM/ 
for five days Monday-Friday 26th-30th of November. I have yet to even make my first post. But as I said this is my Friendship Marketing program. I will ask everyone to follow and subscribe to the blogs E-Mail opt in. Very easy very simple, I will record not only who and how many people opt in, but my first blog will be about this Marketing Technique. On the Money following Friday the 30th I will offer each and everyone that opted in a free chance to have me write a blogged review about their product, service, music or business venture to help promote them virtually, as well as list them as an internet sponsor along with everyone else, ba

sically a thank you to all supports, listing names company and person of contact.

Now I expect anyone in a MLM, Music, and or independent venture to respond and get some free advertising. This is a good way not only to promote your self, help a friend (me) but to do something simple and easy for the holidays. Of course I will also owe you one so if you need some short brief advice I will help out in a private message after you subscribe.
Hence Friendship Marketing…. and Social Connecting at its finest…

Lets get going! Ill support you if no one else will…

Day two post

I am looking for people, the ones I see with business, projects, music, events, programs, mlm, networks, and anything that needs promotion. 
I am starting a free Blog to help bring exposure to you and your project. All I am asking in return is for you to simple subscribe to my blog which is where the content will be lunched.
The benefits of this is your name, company, product, or service will show more exposure via search engine!

So my working friends

Subscribe to my Blog and see Social Networking benefit you for minimal effort:



Day three post

A Click on this link to my pre-lauched Blog.
No Money, no fees, no nothing extra, no programs, no mlm, and nothing other then a normal Blog.
I am starting a blog which will cover Marketing, Advertising, Business, Sales, and Employment hunting. 
Because I have so many FB friends in business I am giving one week for them to subscribe and for it get a Free mention of their product service or business…

Simple Easy and helpful
Subscribe to my Blog by E mail VIA PC LAPTOP or TABLET no Mobile Phones.



Day four post

**** CLICK THE LINK ****

Subscribe to my Blog by e mail Before 12-03-2012 VIA PC OR LAP TOP or TABLET
>>> No Fees, No MLM, No Network Marketing, No Gimmick<<<
A normal Blog and Vlog about Business, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Jobs, and Employment Opportunities.
Broadcasting to 100 FB groups, 10 Plus Professional Fb Pages, Plus 2000 Plus personal Accounts, as well as 5000 Plus Linked In Professionals daily!


Day five post

Today is the last day to sign up and subscribe to 
my blog VIA PC OR LAPTOP to have your 
program and business present to 
my network of 50,000K 

Subscribe Via Email on PC or LAPTOP



Day 6 post




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Thank you all,

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