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December 4, 2012 by makingmoneyonthego

This is the Making Money On The Go Blog
Fan Page,
It is a page for money motivated, business minded individuals that are always seeking good contacts, networking, business connections, or just generally asking me if I can connect them with someone that does x y or z in a particular field…
This page makes it easier for mobile users to follow the Blog and ask any business related questions they may have. Iit makes it easier for FB users to quickly view information regarded to the Blog Site

I will post everything that I post on the Blog on the Fan  Page on Fb directly By Link, as well as let anyone that needs or feels they have something post worthy, News, Advertisements, Small Business information, Events, and or Just general business questions that they need or want me to answer.

Simply put this is the page for the Professional Business Blog I have developed on Word Press.
If you want to see what the Blog is about, or the idea behind it, Click the Link and Read the first post which I will have up by 12-04-2012 after midnight 12-03-2012

This page will have a light schedule of post, nothing to over rated, nothing to bothersome by me, just a few post throughout the day.

Check out the Blog and share it if you can.


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